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Safety Keychains

Safety Keychains

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Introducing our Safety Keychains, your reliable companion for peace of mind on the go. These keychains are specially designed with a focus on safety and practicality. Crafted from durable materials, they provide a secure grip and easy access to your keys. The built-in safety features include a loud panic alarm and a powerful LED flashlight, ensuring you're prepared for any situation. With their sleek and compact design, our Safety Keychains effortlessly blend style with functionality. Stay safe and stylish with our Safety Keychains, your ultimate everyday essential.

These sets have a variety of items and may include: distress whistle, 2in1 seatbelt cutter & window breaker tool, personal security alarm with LED light, card clip, dog head window breaker, glass/window breaker, key shape seatbelt cutter, and pom pom.

Distress Whistle is used to send a distress signal in moments of danger.
2in1 Seatbelt Cutter & Window Breaker Tool is a convenient and quick way to break tempered glass and to cut a seatbelt in a time of emergency.
Personal Security Alarm with LED Light is used to send an ear-piercing signal that will attract attention in times of danger. Pull out the pin to send signal and put it back in to turn it off. The LED light is a great tool to use to see spaces of darkness.
Dog Head Window Breaker is used by puncturing tempered glass to break it in emergency cases.
Spiral Glass/Window Breaker is used by puncturing tempered glass to break it in emergency cases.
Key Shape Seatbelt Cutter is used to cut a seatbelt in a time of emergency.

Disclaimer: Our Safety Keychain Sets are not to be used and/or to be carried with the intention to hurt humans and/or animals. These are to be used for safety measures in vehicles or with material objects. Evolve Within is not responsible nor liable in any criminal and/or legal cases that involve the items sold in our Safety Keychain Sets. With purchasing our sets, you are fully responsible to adhere towards local, provincial, state, and federal laws in regards to the possession and/or use of all items included in our sets. It will be the buyers responsibility, not Evolve Within's, to be aware of any provincial and federal import restrictions before purchasing our Safety Keychain Sets.

If you would like a gift bag and wrapping paper sent with your shipment (if you selected the shipping option) or if you need your order to be divided for gifting, contact us to set that up for you HERE.

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