Angel Numbers 701 - 750

701. Your prayers and positive affirmations have pointed you in the right direction.

702. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to do.

703. God and the ascended masters are encouraging you to keep going, because you’re on the right path.

704. The steps that you’re currently taking are watched over and protected by God and the angels.

705. Now is the perfect time for you to make healthy life changes, as you are protected by God’s love and strength.

706. You’re headed in the right direction in your life, especially the financial and home areas.

707. God's wisdom is guiding you in the right way. Move forward with confidence.

708. You are fully supported, in financial and other ways, in following your dreams.

709. This is the perfect point to focus your time and energy on your Divine life purpose, which is a career path that expresses your heart’s desire to heal, help, and be of service.

710. Your prayers and positive thoughts have steered you in the right direction.

711. Continue with your affirmations and visualiza­tions, as they’re working!

712. Trust that all of your manifestation efforts are turning your dreams into reality.

713. The ascended masters, especially the goddesses, are congratulating you for your choices and actions. Keep up the good work!

714. Your prayers and connection to the angels have set you upon a wonderful path that will serve you and your loved ones well.

715. The changes that you’re making or considering are exactly the right steps for you to take.

716. Your positive affirmations have set you on a path that will make it easier for you to meet your mate­rial needs.

717. Your inner vision and heart’s desires are right on course. Confidently move forward with your plans.

718. Your visualizations and affirmations are bringing an abundance of money your way.

719. Your visualizations and affirmations are bringing an abundance of money your way.

720. Have faith in God and yourself, and know that you are doing the right thing.

721. Your faith and positive thinking have attracted wonderful and trustworthy new opportunities and relationships.

722. Your pure faith and optimism have created and attracted miracles.

723. Trust that the ascended masters are with you, guiding and supporting you.

724. The angels ask you to trust and “keep the faith,” because everything about this situation is resolv­ing and healing.

725. Have faith in the ideas and thoughts you have about making changes, because they are Divinely inspired.

726. Faith, not worry, is what manifests your desires. Trust, trust, trust.

727. Your pure faith is attracting every good thing, person and opportunity to you.

728. Trust that your finances are improving, because they are.

729. Believe in yourself and your ability to make a pos­itive difference in this world. Take action, know­ing that you’re safe and supported as you focus on your Divine life purpose.

730. You have a clear connection with God and the ascended masters, and you’re accurately listening to and following their Divine guidance.

731. Continue your daily practice of prayer and medi­tation, because it keeps you centered in a loving mind-set.

732. Trust that you are accurately hearing Divine guidance from the ascended masters.

733. The ascended masters are very pleased that you’re following your intuitive Divine guidance, which is the answer to your prayers.

734. Angels and ascended masters are watching over you, ensuring that everything goes well, espe­cially concerning new ventures and relationships.

735. You are accurately hearing and following your Divine guidance.

736. You’re doing a good job of releasing fears and worries to the ascended masters so that you fully express your Divine qualities of creativity, wis­dom, joy, peace, and love.

737. The ascended master say that you're flying high, so keep up the good work.

738. You’ve accurately listened to your Divine guid­ance, which has put you on the path of increased abundance.

739. The ascended masters are helping and guiding you with your career and your Divine life purpose. Keep praying, meditating, and following your intuitive guidance.

740. God and the angels are working closely with you on this situation, reassuring you that you’re doing the right thing and that all is well.

741. The angels ask you to stay positive about the steps you’re taking, because you’re going in the right direction.

742. Trust that the angels are guiding and protecting you in this situation, because they are.

743. The angels and ascended masters have heard and answered your prayers in the form of giving you Divine guidance, which you’re accurately listen­ing to and following.

744. You have a clear connection with the angels, and as a result, you’re following very accurate intui­tive guidance.

745. The angels are helping you change your life for the better.

746. Give any concerns or worries to the angels; and focus on your desires, dreams, and what you’re currently grateful for in your life.

747. The angels are telling you to soar high in the direction of your dreams.

748. You are supported by the angels in all ways, including the financial area.

749. The angels say that you’re heading in the right direction with your career choices.

750. The changes that you’re making or considering are healthful, beneficial, and Divinely inspired.