A - Meanings & Affirmations

ABDOMINAL CRAMPS: Fear. Stopping the process.
Affirmation: I trust the process of life. I am safe.

ABSCESS: Fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights and revenge.
Affirmation: I allow my thoughts to be free. The past is over. I am at peace.

ACCIDENTS: Inability to speak up for the self. Rebellion against authority. Belief in violence. 
Affirmation: I release in me that created this. I am at Peace. I am worthwhile.

ACHES: Longing for love. Longing to be held.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I am loving and lovable.

ACNE: Not accepting the self. Dislike of the self.
Affirmation: I am a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself where I am right now.

ADDICTIONS: Running from the self. Fear. Not knowing how to love the self.
Affirmation: I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself.

ADDISON’S DISEASE: Severe emotional malnutrition. Anger at the self.
Affirmation: I lovingly take care of my body, my mind, and my emotions.

ADENOIDS: Family friction, arguments. Child feeling unwelcome, in a way. 
Affirmation: This child is wanted and welcomed and deeply loved.

ADRENAL PROBLEMS: Defeatism. No longer caring for the self. Anxiety.
Affirmation: I love & approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself.

AGING PROBLEMS: Social beliefs. Old thinking. Fear of being one’s self. Rejection of the now.
Affirmation: I love and accept myself at every age. Each moment in life is perfect.

AIDS: Feeling defenceless and hopeless. Nobody cares. A strong belief in not being good enough. Denial of the self. Sexual guilt.
Affirmation: I am part of the Universal design. I am important and I am loved by Life itself. I am powerful and capable. I love and appreciate all of myself.

ALCOHOLISM: "What's the use?" Feeling of futility, guilt, inadequacy. Self-rejection
Affirmation: I live in the now. Each moment is new. I choose to see my self-worth. I love and approve of myself.

ALLERGY: Who are you allergic to? Denying your own power. 
Affirmation: The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life.

ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: Refusal to deal with the world as it is. Hopelessness and helplessness. Anger. 
Affirmation: There is always a new and better way for me to experience life. I forgive and release the past. I move into joy.

AMENORRHEA: Not wanting to be a woman. Dislike of the self.  
Affirmation: I rejoice in who I am. I am a beautiful expression of life, flowing perfectly at all times.

AMNESIA: Fear. Running from life. Inability to stand up for the self.
Affirmation: Intelligence, courage and self worth are always present. It is safe to be alive.

AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS: Unwillingness to accept self-worth. Denial of success.  
Affirmation: I know I am worthwhile. It is safe for me to succeed. Life loves me.

ANAEMIA: Yes but, Attitude. Lack of Joy. Fear of Life. Feeling not good enough.
Affirmation: It is safe for me to experience joy in every area of my life. I love life.

ANKLE(s): Inflexibility and guilt. Ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure. 
Affirmation: I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer.

ANORECTAL BLEEDING: Anger & Frustration.
Affirmation: I trust the process of life. Only right and good action is taking place in my life.

ANOREXIA: Denying the self and life. Extreme fear, self-hatred and rejection.
Affirmation: It is safe for me. I am wonderful just as I am. I choose joy and self-acceptance.

ANUS: Releasing point. Dumping ground.
Affirmation: I easily and comfortably release that which is no longer need in life.

-ABSCESS: Anger in relation to what you don't want to release.
Affirmation: It is safe to let go. Only that which i no longer need leaves my life.

-FISTULA: Incomplete releasing of trash. Holding onto garbage of the past.
Affirmation: It is with love that i totally release the past. I am free. I am love.

-ITCHING: Guilt over the past. Remorse.
Affirmation: I lovingly forgive myself. I am free.

-PAIN: Guilt. Desire for punishment. Not good enough.
Affirmation: The past is over. I choose to love and approve of myself in the now.

ANXIETY / NERVOUSNESS: Not trusting the flow and process of life.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself and I trust in the process of life. I am safe.

APATHY: Resistance to feeling. Deadening of the self. Fear.
Affirmation: It is safe to feel. I am open myself to life. I am willing to experience life.

APPENDICITIS: Fear. Fear of life. Blocking the flow of good.
Affirmation: I am safe, I relax and let life flow joyously.

APPETITE, EXCESSIVE: Fear. Needing protection. Judging the emotions.
Affirmation: I am safe. It is safe to feel. My feelings are normal are normal and acceptable.

APPETITE, LOSS OF: Fear. Protecting the self. Not trusting life.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I am safe. Life is safe and joyous.

ARM(s): Represents the capacity and ability to hold the experiences of life.
Affirmation: I lovingly hold and embrace my experiences with ease and with joy.

ARTERIES: Carry the joy of life.  
Affirmation: I am filled with joy. It flows through me with every beat of my heart.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Resistance, tension. Hardened narrow-mindedness. Refusing to see good.
Affirmation: I am completely open to life and to joy. I choose to see with love.

ARTHRITIC FINGERS:A desire to punish. Blame. Feeling victimized. 
Affirmation: I see with love & understanding. I hold all my experiences up to the light of love.

ARTHRITIS: Feeling unloved, criticism, resentment and bitterness. 
Affirmation: I am love. I now choose to love and approve of myself. I see others with love.

ASPHYXIATING ATTACKS: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Getting stuck in childhood.
Affirmation: It is safe to grow up. The world is safe. I am safe.

ASTHMA: Smother love. Inability to breathe for one's self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying. 
Affirmation: It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life. I choose to be free.

ASTHMA- BABIES AND CHILDREN: Fear of life. Not wanting to be here.  
Affirmation: This child is safe and loved. This child is welcomed and cherished.

ATHLETE'S FOOT: Frustration at not being accepted. Inability to move forward with ease.
Affirmations: I love and approve of myself. I give permission myself to go ahead. It's safe to move.