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HEM Incense

HEM Incense

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Introducing HEM Incense, where captivating aromas transport you to a realm of tranquility and serenity. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey like no other, as our meticulously crafted incense creates an ambiance that soothes the soul and awakens the senses. With a wide range of scents inspired by nature and ancient traditions, HEM Incense offers an exquisite collection that elevates any space into a sanctuary of bliss. Indulge in the enchanting aromas, set your intention, and let HEM Incense guide you to a state of pure inner harmony. Elevate your soul with HEM Incense today.

Choose from a variety of different incenses.

• Made in India
• 20 Incense sticks or 10 Incense cones
• No animal testing
• Hand rolled incense 

If you would like a gift bag and wrapping paper sent with your shipment (if you selected the shipping option) or if you need your order to be divided for gifting, contact us to set that up for you HERE.

A note to our customers:
Given the nature of our products being handmade in batches, there will be variation in product appearances and not all products will appear identical to product photos on our website. Thank you for your understanding!
*Never leave a lit incense alone while burning.
*Insure you use incense in a well-ventilated area.
*Please use the appropriate incense holders.
*Do not use on exposed surfaces as may cause ash burns and/or staining.
*Clean incense holders regularly.
*Keep away from children.
*Please do not burn incense if pregnant or have breathing problems.
*Please use incense moderately. Too much incense smoke may cause coughing, breathing difficulty or may trigger migraines.

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