Return, Refill, Reuse

For every empty bottle/jar returned, you will receive $2 in store credit. 

All returns must have the original metal lids, spray caps, or dropper tops. And must be purchases that were bought through Evolve Within. 

All bottles/jars/caps/lids need to be clean, undamaged, & label-free in order to receive credits. We will still accept the returns, however, unfortunately you will not be qualified to receive credits. 

Make sure to carefully pack your returns so that no damage may occur. Feel free to keep packing materials that you received your purchase in. 

Feel free to use courier of your choice, as we are NOT responsible for shipping costs.

Before you send out your return, fill out form below, to provide your name, email, and number of items that you will be returning (in comment section). You will receive a confirm email to notify you that we have received your request.

Inside your package of returns, please also add a paper with your name, email so that we can issue your credit accordingly. 

Return address is:
Evolve Within
P.O. Box 67055
Mississauga RPO S COMMON MALL,
ON, L5L 5V4

After sending your return, make sure to keep track of tracking number in the event that your package is lost or damaged. 

Once we receive the return, you will be notified, by email, that your credit has been added (in a coupon code form) and will not have an expiry. In case you lose the email, just contact us and we will submit the email again. 

Thank you for your efforts in the return process.

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