You Never Fail

In life, you cannot fail. You may steer off your path, you may fall flat on your face and you may end up in dark places within your thoughts. BUT YOU WILL NOT FAIL. 
Everything is an experience in your journey. We are a soul having a human experience. Your soul just transitions from one form to another when your human body passes. 

Our minds can play tricks on us. Putting us in such a dark place where we feel we cannot get out. I have been there. That doesn’t imply that we have failed as a human. These experiences are to strengthen us. Even though it may be difficult to perceive it that way. 

Some souls out here find it too difficult to cope with difficult, dark thoughts that they feel it is better off to not be here in human form. I send love to those souls, for I have been there. But that’s not the answer. Life isn’t always going to be all positive vibes and happiness. This is a journey. We are to experience all types of emotions. This is how we learn about ourselves. We may resonate with others but we don’t walk the same steps. 

Remember that no matter what life throws at you, you cannot fail. You have the choice to not get back up from falling, but that isn’t failure. It’s a choice. Reflect on everything you have been through. You are still here. Maybe scarred. Maybe hurt. But you are still here. Life still goes on. 

Celebrate that. I am proud of you and you should be proud also. 

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant. 
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