You Attract What You Feel

Our thoughts and heart are so powerful. When you are faced with a challenging situation, where is your perception coming from? Is it coming from Ego or Love?

When you think about the experiences you've been through in your life, are there more positive or negative? Do you find yourself putting on a "positivity" mask?

We tend to see all this talk about "be more positive", "positive vibes only". Have we forgotten that we are living in a human experience. We are to be feeling emotions of all kinds, positive and negative. Without negative emotions we wouldn't be able to understand what would make us happy, joyful, excited, etc. So don't fake what you truly feel. If you are upset, allow yourself to be in that emotion. If you are feeling angry, be in that emotion. As long as you aren't harming anyone, be in whatever emotion you are feeling. This is the only way you can release it and move on. 

People have a habit of just putting on that fake smile with the "everything is fine" fake attitude, not realizing that holding your true emotion (pain) is sitting in your energy body. It isn't being released, so what happens is when the one time that something so minor has triggered that same emotion occurs, that old emotion of pain surfaces and is heightened. Was it really worth it? 

Again, just be in whatever emotion you are feeling. Be genuine with yourself. You want to evolve, you want to be able to just acknowledge, accept and move forward. Remember, whatever you are feeling in this moment isn't permanent. It just flows through you like the waves in water. 

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant.


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