Why Me?

Throughout this journey, I'd question "why me?"⁣

I came to realize, a while ago, that there isn't a "specific" type of person God gifts. He tends to awaken those who are ready to use their gifts.⁣

You see, we all have gifts that are capable of benefiting the people of world, but we ignore them by focusing on other unnecessary things; mainly the materialistic world. This creates a block to capability to access our full potential of our gifts.⁣

God watches all. Have you noticed that those that have been through really difficult life experiences are those that are called to go through the journey of self discovery and then want to share their gifts with the world? This is God's doing. He awakens those to tap into their gifts. He awakens their purpose. ⁣

Everyone believes in someone/something that guides them through their journey. I used to use the term "universe", now I use God. There's no right or wrong, you use what you feel called to use. To me, it all comes down to one "Higher Power."⁣

So when you sit there and question "Why me?" I have this one answer for you...⁣

Why not you?⁣

We all have a purpose. We are all capable of tapping into our gifts that He has gifted us with. It's just up to you if you want to embark on the journey.
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