What Space Are You In When Sharing?

When it comes to giving someone advice or sharing your opinion, how do you approach it?

When you express an opinion, it should be shared from your soul's truth. However, acknowledging where the opinion is coming from is what would make a difference in the perception of how they may interpret it.

When sharing your opinion or giving advice to someone, make sure it's coming from a space of concern and compassion; not from a space of anger or ego. You want them to "hear" what you are saying, not for them to just "listen." Put yourself in the opposite side. If someone was giving you advice that sounded judgemental or egotistical, would you hear what they are sharing? So be mindful of what space you are in before sharing opinions or advice.

Speak from a loving heart, not from an ego mindset. Put yourself in the space of inspiration. How would you like to be approached?

Daily Reflection - When giving advice or sharing my opinion with someone, is it coming from a loving heart or is it coming from a space of my ego mind?
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