What is Love?

This is something we tend to question throughout our life. What does it mean? What does it stand for? 

So, here is my answer... Ready... 

There is no definition. "Of course there is" is what most would respond. This is the issue I have with this question. You have your opinion on what love means. Who am I to say if it is right or wrong? And vise versa. 

Society has a label and definition for everything. It's how we use words to explain our thoughts, actions, behaviours, etc. These labels are what also create the beliefs in our minds. Are they right or wrong? Who cares. What we feel in that moment is what matters. Feelings are energy. Energy is what rules the world. "Governments are what rule the world" is what I hear. Really? The Creator decides what happens. In an instant, a city, town, state, or country can be wiped off the grid. Who has control over that from happening? Clearly not the government.  

Society has turned into an "I want" lifestyle. People want more, that makes them work more, that makes them buy more. Yet, they still aren't happy. How about acknowledging and appreciating what you already have. Look around you... Seriously, look at everything in your life. 

Do you have a job/source of income? 

Do you have a roof over your head? 

Do you have electricity, gas, and water? 

Is your belly full? 

Do you have clothes to wear? 

If you have read these questions, I trust you have answered yes to each question. YOU HAVE MORE THEN PLENTY OF PEOPLE OUT THERE. 

Your car, your closet full of clothes and shoes and accessories, everything else is just a want.  

Back to my question, what is love? It's a feeling. Forget what the dictionary says, your family, friends, and society. There is no right or wrong answer. How does it make you feel? This is towards everything in your life.  

Look at something in your presence in this moment. Even the phone, tablet, or computer you are using to read this. How does it make you feel? Are you happy? Grateful? Do you feel protective towards it (person or thing)? Are you smiling? (This is towards anything in your life. Materialistic, a person, animal, nature, anything.) 

Acknowledge the feeling you have answering yes to those questions. That can be your answer to what is love. 

We live in a world where words have meanings and those meanings cause your beliefs. Guess what those beliefs cause, the pattern for our actions and behaviours.  

So when you question yourself "How do I know I'm in love?" Think of the questions I provided in this article. Show love to everything you have. That energy/feeling you have, that's experiencing love.  

I shared my opinion, what's your perception of love now?  

Only you can decide.


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