What Are You Creating For Your Life?

What are you doing with yourself? Are you becoming who you are meant to be or are you just flowing through life?

I spent majority of my adulthood keeping myself busy. I was just going with the flow of life. I had a rough upbringing that left me in a state of fear, on a constant daily basis, and turned to alcohol and drugs as a means to escape the emotions I didn't want to feel. Now, being 37 years old, I find myself finally living through my purpose. 

You see, many of us are comfortable living through daily routine. Routine becomes predictable, it feels safe and secure. My life had never felt like that. I was anticipating the next bad thing to happen, never knowing what to expect. Routine was a struggle for me to adapt to. I got bored when I tried to be in routine. It didn't feel real to me, like it wasn't even who I was. This is when I decided to work for myself in 2013. To be given the freedom to create my own schedule and work on my terms. To share what I'm passionate about and to live through purpose. 

When you figure out what your purpose in life is, you don't flow through life, you start to create a life for yourself? Everyone may have their own opinion of what their purpose is and that's okay. There is no right ro wrong answer. This isn't a test where you have to score a certain number to be accepted. God created each and everyone of us differently for a reason. 

So the question I ask you, the reader is, what do you feel your purpose is? Are you flowing through life or are you creating one for yourself?


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