What Are You Bringing With You For Your Next Life?

What is life all about? Have you ever had moments where you wonder "Is this it? Is this what life is all about?" What if this life we are living is just to prep us for the next life? People talk about past lives and how we have so many, so wouldn't this life just become a past life also?

Allow yourself to think about this for a minute. Think outside your norm for a minute or two. What if this life is to prepare you for your next life? You see, this experience is to be lived in human form. But what happens when we leave human form? Many may believe that this is just it. That there is nothing else after we leave this world, and that's okay. I am writing this to us believers who believe that our souls are here for eternity. 

If this life is to prepare us for our next life, what wisdom have you obtained to take with you for the next one? Right now, as I write this, our world is going through something that is going to become biblical. Our world will never be the same again. This pandemic, covid-19, has shut down the entire world since March 2020. As I write this its May 3rd, 2020. We have been quarantined in our homes for almost 2 months. We have had more than enough time to sit with ourselves and our truths. So the question is, what have you learned up until this point? What wisdom have you obtained in order to guide you on a different path for your next life? What knowledge do you have to educate the next generations to come? 

If our souls are here for eternity, and we are blessed to have human form experiences, what are you doing with yourself to serve your purpose here and now?


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