Were They Mistakes Or Were They Lessons?

When it comes to writing with a pencil, we can use the eraser when we have a mistake. With technology, we have the delete button. Failing a test, we can try again. Purchasing a wrong size, we just exchange or return it. 

Many of us struggle with admitting our own mistakes. Maybe the belief that making mistakes are wrong stemmed from childhood. The consequences of being grounded or put in timeout gave us a fear to not want to make mistakes in the future. We may also have feared admitting our mistakes because it would hurt someone. 

Let's change our perception of how we view "mistakes." Instead of it being something we find difficult to admit remember that we are human and mistakes can help us evolve. Focus on what we learned from those experiences and how we healed through them. If you feel that you haven't healed from, allow this to be a sign that it may be time. 

Daily Reflection - What mistakes do I recall in my life? What have they taught me? Did I own up to them or did I ignore them and put the blame on someone else to avoid me owning it? Have I healed from my mistakes?
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