Do you feel the energy shifts? As you transform within, it reflects on the outside. The changes that are happening are affecting your entire BEING. 
The transformation of the old, dark energies are not an easy ride. But think of it like this, Darkness is just lacking Light. It is also just an illusion. There are 2 ways of going about this. The easy way is just embracing and accepting the emotions that come to the surface. (They come to the surface for the purpose to be released). The hard way is just being in the same cycle you are in. You see, the majority of people are ASLEEP to this transformation of Love Energy that is happening on earth. So, the hard way is literally you are going in circles. Same habits, same patterns. Back and forth. 

People seem to think the mind and heart work together. How is that to be true if the Mind creates the thoughts that works with Ego. Hence why society is manipulated by others Ego mindset. The Heart, on the other hand, is from pure compassion, love, divine energy etc. Like the saying goes "The heart knows what it wants". The heart doesn't need the mind to operate. 

When our time here is up, what keeps going? Our mind (brain) or our heart (soul). 
So back to transformation. If you are bouncing back and forth with emotions, allow it to run its course. The emotions that are coming to the surface are for you to release so you may step into a higher vibration. This is what the "new earth" energy is all about. Us stepping out of our old patterns and beliefs so we may step into the Love energy. 

The question is where you want to be. High or low vibration? Are you willing to allow the shift to happen within? 
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