Time for Meditation

When it comes to meditation, there could be so many guidelines that people may say you need to perform. This can totally turn you off from even wanting to try. 

Don’t stress over the process. Make it simple. For me, it’s all about focusing on the breath. Your mind will wonder. You may lose focus. That’s okay. Acknowledge that your mind chatter is there, and when you do, just refocus to the breath. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth. Anything else you like to add, do it. Find what fits for yourself. 

Meditation is all about being in the moment. So while you are focusing on your breath, it allows you to be in the present moment. This may guide you to opening channels with your higher self, seek self awareness, and a sense of calm. 

We live in a go, go, go society that we tend to lose focus on just being able to be in the present moment. Learning how to be in the NOW may present some healing for ourselves. If we tend to stay always busy how can we acknowledge what needs to be truly healed. Mediation may help with that. This is just a simple exercise that provides huge benefits for our daily lives. 

Do you meditate? What do you incorporate into your daily schedule to help you be in the present moment?
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