This is Me

I AM a great woman.
I AM loyal to my friends and family.
I AM caring and understanding.
I AM compassionate and passionate.
I AM loving and loveable.
I AM a great friend. Whether it be to family, friends or my partner.
I AM intelligent enough to understand right from wrong.
I AM an open minded woman.
I AM forgiving towards others and myself.

I AM growing and continue to grow.
I AM learning everyday.
I AM allowed to make mistakes.
I AM able to learn from my mistakes.
I AM human.

It's my choice to do what I do. To say what I say. To act how I act. It may be wrong to you, but it's my choice. Don't pass judgment upon myself when you judge yourself.

Don't take advantage of my kindness. I can be there for you. Someone you can count on. But it will be my choice on the day I feel that the respect I keep giving isn't given back to me.

We need to start appreciating and accepting ourselves and others. What might not be right in your eyes might be ok for me. There's no manual on how we should be, act, speak, or anything else. We all have a choice.
If you want me to accept your choices, your flaws. Then be mindful to accept mine.
If you choose not to, then that's your choice. But be mindful that my choice might be to walk away.
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