Thinking About What Is My Purpose

We have social media and society influence to help manipulate us into what our purpose should be about, but have you ever sat with yourself and truthfully thought about what your purpose even is?

For the longest time, I assumed my life's purpose was just about going to work, making money, meeting someone, getting married, have a family, buy a house, have grandchildren, get old and that's that. You know, like the majority of us think. And then we seem to think that our value is calculated by what we accomplish. That our value is defined by what we show we have. So what happens if the opportunity presents itself and we were to lose all our materialistic objects that we worked so hard to obtain? Does that mean our value as a person decreases? What would we have to offer?

This ended up being a wake up call back in 2013 when I lost the ability to go out and earn an income like I used to make. Money I earned to buy the things I truly didn't need, to impress those people who truly didn't even care about me. Just so that I could fit in society's norm. It was when i got diagnosed with extreme panic/anxiety that I started to question why was I here? What purpose did I have to be a candidate to experience this journey people call LIFE? 

I spent the next couple of years in a deep state of focus on learning about who I was, the lessons that presented themselves throughout my life, the trauma and pain I had endured to get to where I am now, and heal through it all. I am and will continue to learn and evolve, but through that journey is where I found my purpose. I was and still am to guide others to seeking their own inner truth and live a life through their own unique purpose. We all have a purpose, it's just up to us to live through it or just stay comfortable in society's norm. There's no right or wrong answer, it's entirely up to you on what you choose. 

The mistake many of us do, and may not even own up to, is that we tend to live life mirroring what we see through our peers, family, social media and even society. So how does that serve as our OWN purpose? Wouldn't that mean we are living our life serving them?

If you are truly wanting to live through purpose, maybe it's time you sit with yourself, reflect and really dig deep to figuring out why are you here? Connect with your higher self. Isn't this journey we call life all about living in our own truth? So why aren't you living through your own truth? Why aren't you living through your own purpose?
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