There Lies A Message In Every Painful Experience

When it comes to painful experiences that we encounter in our lives, remember that there is no value in holding onto it. Through that suffering lies a meaningful truth that provides us wisdom to evolve. If we try to ignore or distract ourselves from this truth, it will just find another way to get our attention.

So give yourself the time and space to deal with this painful experience. What is it trying to teach you? What value comes from this experience? Then allow yourself to heal and release it. There's no boundary to what type of experience can cause you pain. It can be through grief, a breakup, the loss of someone special, or even a financial loss. Pain is an emotion we feel from an experience. Don't give it a boundary.

Take a deep breath. Take a couple more. Now, ask God for the guidance towards becoming aware of the value/lesson with this experience that has caused you pain. It could be learning patience, compassion, forgiveness, or strength of some kind. Be open to hearing His guidance. 

When you become aware of what the message is, you are then ready to surrender and release it up to God. It has serve its purpose. You no long need to hold onto it. Trust that it has been resolved. Allow your soul to be healed. It's now time to continue on your journey. You are loved and protected by God.


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