The Power Of Decision

There are things we may not have control over. And there are things we do. The situations that occur in our journey may be out of our control because we cannot control other people. But we do have full control of how we react towards the situation. 

Ever notice that when you are in a pissy mood, it’s like every other situation after seems like a disaster? It’s actually not the situation that is at fault. It’s your reaction. I’m not saying that you can’t be upset or angry. But understand that if you hold onto that emotion, that energy will attract more of it. Why? Because your perception of the situation now has the ability to shift how you view the next experience that happens. 

Nothing is permanent. We are always shifting. The best approach, to every situation, is just to allow whatever emotion to be felt through the moment. Don’t hold onto it. Just allow it to be. Because you are going to change moods sooner or later. Feeling whatever emotion that surfaced isn’t under your control. How you perceive the situation is under your control. And that will have an affect on your emotion. 

So reflect on your daily emotions. What emotions come up? Toward what type of experiences? 

Awaken To Your Souls Truth. 


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