Take One Step At A Time

I have clarity on what I want for myself and my life. I am capable of making my dreams come true, with God's guidance.
I am going to take one step at a time towards achieving my goals.

You have dreams and goals that you set for yourself. Sometimes you get discouraged by how big they can be. Don't allow that to overwhelm you. You are capable of achieving them. ⁣

Today I want to ask you to do this: think of something you want to achieve and start a plan on how you will achieve it. While planning it out, truly think and feel what it would feel like to have accomplished it. This is a guideline towards manifesting it for your life. You can't just wish it and hope for it to happen. By putting in the effort, you are showing God how much it means to you. In return, He will send the necessary blessings to occur for this journey.⁣

Every accomplishment starts with small steps. So focus on one step at a time. These smaller steps are still accomplishments towards achieving your bigger goal. God is here to guide you. Ask for His guidance throughout this journey. He is more than happy to help you.


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