Take Frequent Breaks

I will remember to breathe throughout the day. I will retreat to my quiet place within, if I am bothered by a situation that will cause me anxiety.

Anxiety sometimes causes us to be restless. It may be difficult to focus and concentrate on daily tasks. These may be caused by thinking too much into the future. ⁣⠀
In order to calm down, we are in search for a sense of peace. God is a sense of peace, so that would signify that we are actually looking for is to connect with Him.⁣⠀
To get to that sense of peace, connection with Him, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, calm your mind and body. This is where God resides. This is the peace you are trying to achieve. ⁣⠀
So throughout today, take some breaks and quiet your mind. Remember that God is here to guide you out of any situation.  He is your peace, and the answer to any situation comes through moments of peace.


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