Show Some Gratitude

I don't get it. We complain so much in life. It comes so natural. The question is, Do we really have so much to complain about? I hear you say "Of course we do". Let me ask this, What are you grateful for? You're thinking about it. Why is it that you need to think long and hard about the things you are grateful for?

We complain about global warming, we complain about our governments, we complain about our foods, work, not having enough time in a day, and money. How about acknowledging that it all starts with "YOU"! Your perception on yourself reflects your perception around you. 

Gratitude plays a big role in our daily life. No way? I hear from you. Ok, so when you wake up in the morning, are you complaining about how you don't want to wake up or are you waking up grateful for another day. You see, that thought energy is what will start your day. How are you starting your day? 

Try this out, sit and make a gratitude list. Write out everything you are grateful for. Ex: the iPad I am using to write this blog, the fact I'm even breathing, ability to read and write, etc. You see, every little thing is a reason to be grateful. It may take a while to write your list and that's ok. It's a start. Acknowledging what you are grateful for sends out this love energy throughout your body. Which, in turn, makes you feel happy. If you feel happy, then your perception of yourself, your surroundings, and your world will be more positive. 

Im not saying you aren't to be complaining about anything anymore. We are human. What I'm suggesting is to try and remember this...  

When you find something to complain about, think about something you are grateful for. Love conquers all. If you are capable of putting energy into complaining, you are more than capable to put energy into being thankful. The issue is we spend more time on focusing on the negative when we have so much more to be grateful for. 

So if we put the same energy towards the positive, what will we attract more of? Positive experiences. 

Give it a try, see how it makes you feel. You've got nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain. 

With Love & Gratitude.



  • Jacqueline

    @Susanne King,
    Thank you for sharing your comment. We are not always to be in positive mindset. We need the balance between understanding the negative and positive thinking. Just embrace the lessons that your ego thinking is trying to teach you.

  • Susanne King

    Hi I need to talk to the universe more positive thinking

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