Power of Manifestation

Did you know we have the power to manifest anything we want/need in our lives? Whether it be positive or negative.
Many would assume that it's just luck or bad luck. What if we understood that we actually have the power to plant beliefs into our subconscious that is actually affecting our "reality?"

When we repeat a specific phrase/thought, and believe into it, we are planting a seed into our subconscious brain. This is where all of our memories and conditionings are stored. It's like our own personal library. That's why when people do healing sessions, the practitioner will tap into the subconscious brain to access where the beliefs have stemmed from. 

This is why I say that we have the power to manifest anything in our lives, through our words and our thoughts. What we speak and what we think, if we believe in it, will plant the seed into our subconscious. And the more we repeat it, it's like watering a plant; we are making it grow. Some ask "what if I truly don't mean it?" This is why we are to be aware and mindful of what we say and think. Sometimes it just happens because we are reacting through emotion. Our souls aren't stupid, it knows if we believe in it. But this is where awareness is key. Being mindful and aware of your thoughts and words gives you the opportunity to redirect when you mistakenly plant the wrong seed. 

In order for something to manifest, you need to truly believe in it. It doesn't need to be 100%. It just needs to be enough where you believe in it, somewhat. This is how powerful we truly are. Many just don't believe in it because they have been trying to grow from rotted seeds for a while now.
Replant healthy seeds and watch your life change. What do you got to lose? 

Mindful Exercise: Think of what isn't working for you in your life, at this moment. Think if the subconscious beliefs you may have planted. Then, think of what is actually working in your life, in this moment. What subconscious beliefs do you think are responsible for these?

After completing this exercise, reflect on the following: Now that you are aware of how powerful your thoughts/words are towards manifesting in your own life, what actions are you going to implement in your life, from this moment forward, towards breaking the cycle of negative beliefs you have been telling yourself?
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