Personal Growth is not just mental/emotional.

Majority of us talk about personal growth and think it’s all mental/emotional. That seems to be the focus when it comes to healing. But have you ever considered the importance of physical growth?

I’m not talking about the “let’s go to the gym and bulk up type.” I’m talking about overall physical health. It’s about being aware of the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis. It’s about being aware of the physical movement that we need daily in order to allow our energy to flow easily through our body.

Personal growth is a Mind, Body, Soul evolvement. There are no rules to how you need to be, it’s about acknowledging where you are at. Are you content with yourself overall? Be honest with yourself. Sit with that for a moment. You are putting all this effort into healing past trauma, breaking patterns, etc but are neglecting the importance of your physical health. Are you loving yourself as a whole?

We tend to think that all this personal growth is mainly about our mindset, but no one really emphasizes on how our physical health is just as important. This “suit”, human form, is what gives us life to experience this journey. We can understand how to deal with mental chatter and healing but without our physical health how do we move forward? Isn’t that what this journey is about, moving forward? I understand that many of us aren’t capable of certain physical activities and that’s okay. That doesn’t change the fact of still being mindful of how we treat our body. Our human body works as a whole. How we think about ourselves affects our energy vibration. The same goes about how we treat ourselves physically.

Look in the mirror what do you see? Are you your own worse critic or are you appreciating every imperfection? In order to align mind, body and soul you need to love every aspect of yourself and make the necessary changes so that you are balanced and centered as a whole.

How are you loving your physical body?

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant.
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