Manifestation and my term of Divine timing.

The power with manifestation is sooo real.

I keep having dreams that are becoming realities.

I keep writing down my goals and visions and doors are opening up to me. The right people come through my path. This is what most would label ‘manifesting’, ‘law of attraction ‘.

I believe that whatever we speak of sends a vibration of energy out into the universe that attracts back to us. So if we speak positively, we gain experiences that are positive. Same goes for negative. Because we are letting the universe know what we want more of. I’m not saying that we can never be negative. Just be aware of what emotion is coming to the surface and what it is teaching you about yourself. I think everything is a manifestation. Some of us are aware of it and some are not.

Everything happens in Divine timing. I used to say that everything happens for a reason. I stopped saying that because if everything happens for a reason, then I try to dissect what the reasoning is.

When I say everything happens in Divine timing, I put it in the universes hands. So there’s no reason to think of the how and/or why. Gives me more focus on being in the moment.

So what have you all manifested recently?

Thought in the moment.


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