Love Yourself And Stop Comparing

You may not be as fragile as glass, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be kinder towards yourself.

We tend to be so harmful towards ourselves, through our words, thoughts and even physically. Why are we so negative towards ourselves? Who are we comparing ourselves to?

Many will say "I'm not comparing to anyone. I do this to make ME happy." Who are we kidding? We criticize ourselves because we have something/someone to compare to. Success, attitude, looks, these all are influenced by comparisons. 

It's time that we love the soul and skin we are in, flaws and all. You aren't here to obtain perfection. You are here to experience life and obtain the wisdom our experiences provide us. Success, in any aspect, comes from wisdom, not comparison. When we compare ourselves and try to be better than someone, that's competition. You won't find happiness in competition. It may bring you a moment of satisfaction, but you will never be happy because you will view yourself as always wanting to be able to be better than the next. If you want to compete, compete against yourself. Work towards being a better version of yourself each day. This comes from a space of personal growth. 

Be mindful and aware of who you are wanting to change for. Is it for your own growth or through comparing and competing against someone else?
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