I am Free

This is what we are raised to learn. This picture says it all. Is this what LIFE really is about? Then we wonder why so many people are "asleep". We are not robots. At a young age we feel so free. Playing, laughing, just living life. What are we taught in school? Seems everyone sits and learns the same things. Even the teachers are told how to teach. So we all learn same teachings as everyone, to go out into the world and be told what our responsibilities are and how to achieve them. Through all this, where do WE find who we are. Who allows us to be OURSELVES. We seek acceptance and validation from others like it's to matter. Who are they to say who and what we can be. Where is the inner awareness within ourselves to be who we are. What is our purpose? 

We seem to think that life is to be this routine illustrated in this picture. Did you receive the manual? I have spent 33 years of my life trying to seek the acceptance and validation from others. Where has it gotten me? Finally tapping into my own awareness, my inner self, I have obtained the knowledge that this truly is MY LIFE. My journey. Generations and generations are passing by and who is teaching the children it is ok to be yourself? Who is allowing them to have the awareness to figure out who they are? We are to do whatever we feel drawn to do in life. Whether it be good or bad. It's all lessons. It's all teachings. What are you learning? 

Let's start learning how to tap within ourselves to figure out the answers. Let's start showing and teaching our children of the world to tap within themselves. We are always evolving. We are always growing in every aspect of our lives. Yes, we may still have the routine of life. But wouldn't it be amazing to enjoy every aspect of that routine. To be true to your purpose, your inner self, will change your perception of how you see the world. 

Let's be our own teachers. Let's tap into our soul and reclaim the love and passion we were born with. Lead by example. If you want to see a change, start within. 
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