Happiness Comes From Within

Those who are happy without anything are those who are happy with everything.

Many of us think that happiness comes from the "things" we have, not realizing that we continue to want more things to try and fill that void of happiness.

When we get something new, we tend to feel excited and wanting to show it off. Then when that feeling fades away, we look for the next best thing to fill that void again. Sometimes we even attach ourselves to a person, to fill that same void. But when that person or object is not in our life anymore, we may feel like we lost part of our identity. 

When we attach ourselves to titles, people, possessions and accomplishments, we are setting ourselves up towards feelings of powerlessness because everything outside of ourselves is bound to change. 

We need to be able to tap within ourselves to seek our soul's truth, our core essence. It is only when we become anchored within our core essence we are able to feel true happiness and the feeling of being fulfilled. Remember, we were born into this world with nothing, and we will leave this world with nothing. Being in your core essence is ENOUGH. You then are able to release the belief that you are to seek approval and compare to the outside world. You then awaken to the truth that happiness and security is actually an inside job. 

Mindful Exercise: Think of the "objects" and people that you based your happiness on. How they made you feel so excited and happy when you first obtained them in your life. What/who were they? How did you feel? Now think about quickly you moved on to the next best, "new" thing. Be mindful of how many times this occurred in your life. 

After completing this exercise, reflect on the following: What if you lost all these possessions/people in your life? What do you see yourself being left with, within yourself? What would you be grateful for?

Be mindful and grateful for all that you have in your life, because it can all be taken away.


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