God Is Always There To Guide You

There is a higher power out there that is always watching over us, whether you believe in it or not. We all believe in something/someone. I believe in God and you will see that's who I refer to. You may change God to whomever or whatever you like that is fitting for your belief. 💛🙏🏼⁣

He is always there, but He will only answer when you call on Him. He is there to guide us on this journey we call "life." So remember that we are never alone. Some may think that they never hear the guidance. The question is, do you only want to hear what YOU want to hear? We have control over how we react to life experiences. If we are only closed minded to what we want in life, how would we be able to HERE the guidance of our Creator?⁣

Believe that you are being guided and you will hear His guidance. When you believe and allow yourself to be open to hearing His guidance, you will be able to hear it. It could come in various ways, a song, something someone says to you, something that just pops up. It can be in many forms. There are no words to explain the depth of God's love for you. Allow yourself to FEEL it. It becomes a knowing, deep within your soul.


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