Find The Positive In Every Negative

I may be in a difficult situation right now, but I am working on finding the positives to guide me to react towards my highest good.

We all have our days where we feel darkened and the light within us feels dim. Even though the situation you may be in may seem difficult, why not try and see the positive within it.

Finding the positive in a negative situation will allow you to raise your vibrational energy. Which in turn changes your mood and perception of how you may react towards the difficult situation to begin with. We tend to react through how we FEEL. And sometimes our emotions on how we feel doesn't serve our highest good.

So in difficult times, seek God for guidance and clarity to show you the positives in those situations to help you react in a more mindful way. Our emotions and feelings that don't serve us may just be a conditioning from childhood that we may not even be aware of. This is where God can help bring that awareness to our attention, through His perception with love.


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