Everyone Has A Testimony

When it comes to being on s healing journey, some may think that they don't have a testimony because they may have come from a positive, healthy upbringing and lived an honest life. The truth is, that is actually a testimony in itself. Think of it in a different perception. God had and still continues to have kept you away from the trauma, toxic patterns, abuse, addiction, etc that could have come with a negative, toxic upbringing.

And just because some, including myself, could have had a toxic upbringing and been through some patterns that we may not had thought would be agreed upon God, doesn't make us horrible people. We all have our own unique stories. And our stories serve a purpose for our own unique journey. We may have realized it or may not, yet. But remember that our stories don't define who we are, in the eyes of God. They are just experiences that held and continue to hold valuable lessons. So don't compare your journey from other's, because we don't know what people have had to endure to get to where they are now. 

Use your testimony to inspire and empower others towards change. You never know who may need it. God will guide you along the way. Whether you believe in him or not, He will always have your back; you just need to call upon Him. 


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