Evening Reflection for June 26, 2020

Even though the future is unpredictable, you should still have a vision and set goals towards achieving them.

When you decide to go somewhere, that's a goal. You plan out how you will get there and what route to take. There may be an obstacle or two, but no matter what, you know where you are going.⁣

Now what if you just got in your car and just drove, without having a clue where you were going. You would probably get lost. This us how you should perceive you life. But having a vision of where you want to be heading. Then start making a plan of how are you getting there. Things may be tweaked along the way, but you are okay because you know where you are headed. ⁣

Remember that God only has one gear: FORWARD. So don't dwell on past disappointments. We all have them. Because that will only keep you stuck in the past.


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