Evening Reflection for June 20, 2020

Do you truly own up to your faults or is it just easier to blame your reactions on others?

I had a habit to blame my attitude on others. How they mistreated me was the reason I was the way I was. Until I owned up to my truth that how I may have reacted, with attitude, was the actual problem.

We don't have control over how people act, but we do have control over how we react towards others. We need to reflect on how our reactions will serve our growth, before we make a move.⁣

Sometimes that doesn't happen and we react impulsively. If you feel you are in the wrong, own up to it and apologize. And always remember that if you are being treated wrongly, you may express yourself, but they will only understand what they want to hear.

Our energy is precious. We can spend time arguing with someone and being in their same level of energy or we can take a breath, express how we feel in a calm manner and move on. What are you spending it on?
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