Don’t Put a Mask on Your Emotions

When we are asked “How are you?”, majority will answer “Fine/Good/Okay.” Even when that’s not how they truly feel. 

Denying what you truly feel will impact your self-worth, self-acceptance and your self-love. We need to be aware that whatever emotions we truly feel are actually okay. Without emotions we wouldn’t know where we stand and where we would like to improve in our own journey. When we feel stuck, our emotions are what drive us towards change or keeps us at a stand still. 

Our emotions and what we feel are our own inspiration and motivation. By denying what you genuinely feel, you end up feeling ungrounded, off balance and unclear about your path. 

Don’t allow yourself to hide behind a mask just because you may be afraid to show your truth and what you are feeling. Embrace ALL emotions that you feel, whether you think they are positive or negative. Every experience is felt with an emotion. Which means every experience is teaching you something about yourself. Take the opportunity to learn about yourself on a deeper level and evolve. 

Awaken to Your Souls Truth. 


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