Comfort Zone

I had suffered with extreme anxiety/panic years back. I was so afraid to leave my house in case if I had a panic attack. I felt safe being home. I created a comfort zone being in my house.

Many used to say, “You need to get out of your house, your area. You need to go places. You aren’t living”. And I didn’t understand it. Did they understand the fear I had lived with? Did they ever experience what I had gone through? I was once those people that would say those same words and the saying is so true, easier said than done.

So this is my perception now. If people that are comfortable in their comfort zone are what you consider “not living”, then are you saying the same to the people who are paralyzed and unable to get around? How can you tell someone they aren’t living because they are not doing something that you consider “living”. I have met people who were incapable of physically moving, yet had such an upbeat, energetic attitude. They enjoyed life.

You see, we have technology. We can video call and connect with people across the world. If ones perception of happiness is being at home, so be it. Who are you to justify what someone should or shouldn’t be doing with their life. I understand that people worry and “I just want to see you enjoying life”. What if, to someone, being in the same neighbourhood years on end is happiness to them. Who are we to judge. We tend to put labels and rules to everything. For what? To justify ones actions.

I speak out of experience. I am what some would label “stuck in my comfort zone”, due to health reasons. I’m happy though. I have all my amenities close by. What do I need to travel outside the area for? To spend money doing something someone else is saying I should do to be considered “enjoying life”. I mention spending money because to travel outside of walking distance involves some type of money. I have goals, so saving money is a big aspect of my life in this moment.

I’m happy. I’m ok with what I am doing in this moment of my journey. Things may change or may not change. The future is unpredictable.

So to those in their “comfort zone”, don’t listen to others. If you are ok doing what you are doing, then keep doing it. If you are not happy in your comfort zone, don’t worry, makes goals to step out of your zone. Baby steps. Keep practicing. Your mindset will rewire itself. Anxiety is a big issue with getting stuck in comfort zones. I totally get it. Someone can’t rush you to do something you aren’t ready for. You will make moves when you want and are ready. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. You focus on you. Focus on your goal and how you are going to get there. Trust me. As long as you put the effort, anything is possible.

Thoughts in the moment.
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