Be Aware Of What Story You Tell

We seem to want to heal from past wounds, yet we continue to relive it by talking and thinking about it. If you truly want to heal from past painful experiences, talk about what you learned and healed from it. 

If the experience caused you so much pain, why do you continue to drag that painful energy back into this moment. There are different perceptions of how you bring up these experiences. Sharing the experience with someone or thinking of it within yourself may lead you to being stuck in the details that broke you. This perspective will only cause more pain for you and the story is actually being told from your ego mindset. Don’t lose being in your present moment from the details of the past. 

Another perception is that you may relive the moment by seeing the experience with healing awareness. Healing may occur with accepting and forgiving yourself by owning up to the responsibilities of your part in the situation. 

Remember that when a past painful experience surfaces, take a moment and breathe. If it still causes you pain, don’t tell the story. Why would you want to relive something you haven’t healed from? 

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant. 


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