Are You Tapped Into Your Power?

Have you tapped into your own power or are you still seeking outside sources for validation?

We have so much potential within ourselves that many of us are not even tapped into. Many go around life comfortable in their routine of just DOING rather than BEING. We hold a power within ourselves that aligns with our overall abundance, when we tap into it. Instead, many would rather seek outside validation on a daily basis. Constantly seeking validation means that you don't understand your power as a being. Because if you did, you wouldn't be seeking outside validation.

In order to tap into our power, we need to understand it. Personal growth is where this all begins. When we dive into the journey of personal growth, we are creating the space to awaken to our soul's truth. When we align with our soul's truth we tap into our power.

Being in our power is such a beautiful place. Confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, and so much more is all part of being in alignment with our power. We don't become dependent on outside validation because we are aligned with our truth, our power. We know what we want, and we make the moves towards achieving it. So, reflect on where you think you stand.

Daily Reflection - Have I been tapping into my own source of power, or have I been seeking outside validation? I know what my potential is. Am I putting in the work towards achieving it?
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