Are You Grateful?

How many times a day do you show gratitude?

We seem to be so consumed by living in routine that many of us don't even spend time any time, throughout the day, being grateful.

Did you wake up this morning? Show gratitude. Did you have something to eat? Put on fresh clothes? Took a warm shower? Slept in a warm shelter? Be grateful.
We tend to act kindly towards others out of kindness. We do good deeds because we are kind. But doesn't it feel great when someone acknowledges what we have done or said? Doesn't that change your perception of life for that moment, when you are having a bad day? So why do we not show that same acknowledgement towards our Higher Source (God, The Universe, or whatever term you use).

It's easy to want, to pray for something or someone, to manifest, yet we don't spend that same time on showing gratitude for the Source who allowed us to experience this journey. 

Today, spend some time, throughout the day, showing gratitude to your Source. For the big and little things that occur throughout the day. By showing gratitude on a daily basis, you will notice a shift in your energy, the experiences that occur on your journey we call life, and the people around you. 

Spend more time being thankful rather than focusing on the lack you think you have in your life.

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant.


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