Are The Opinions Of Others A Reflection Of Me?

When you decide to put yourself first, you may lose people along the way. By putting yourself first you are also putting yourself above the opinions others may have of you. This does not imply that you are better than them. It just means that you no longer allow other people opinion of you to define you.

In order to evolve, you need to love your life without the need of another's opinion. You may be open to hearing their opinion, but you also have the choice to allow yourself to be defined by their opinions. Embarking on your own personal growth journey, you will become aware of your own identity and authenticity.

So whole you embrace this journey, don't worry about who doesn't stick around. You will connectnwith plenty of people alone the way. And there will be those who still around who are inspired by your growth.

Today's Reflection - Have I been allowing the opinions of others to reflect on my own life choices? Or am I living life being in my own authenticity and truth?
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