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Mini Smudging Set

Mini Smudging Set

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Introducing our Mini Smudging Set, the perfect companion for creating a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere. This carefully curated set includes everything you need for a mindful smudging ritual in a conveniently compact size. With a soothing blend of aromatic herbs and natural materials, our Mini Smudging Set allows you to cleanse and purify your space, promoting a sense of balance and serenity. Embrace the power of smudging with this portable and beautifully crafted set, designed to bring peace and positive energy into your daily life.


This set includes a mini (roughly 3-4") buffalo sage wand, a palo santo stick (3-4"), a selenite stick, a (4-5") abalone shell and a smudging feather. 

This set is the perfect housewarming gift. Offer someone you care about the opportunity to bring balance and calm into their lives.

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