Words Hold Power

When it comes to self-love and self worth, remember that the words we choose to use to describe ourselves hold power. Just like a parent role, you have responsibilities and obligations towards your own self-care. That includes speaking lovingly towards yourself, being compassionate towards yourself, also understanding and accepting that you will never achieve perfection. So don't be hard on yourself when you slip up and speak negatively about yourself. Think of how you would treat a child. Perceive your self-care as loving and nurturing your inner child.⁣

Sometimes this loving manner my not be something many of us were taught. Sometimes those who brought us up only acted with the conditioning and knowledge they were brought up with. But we have the opportunity to break that cycle.⁣

So for today, and each day that passes, be mindful and aware of the language you use when describing yourself. Your chosen words are a reflection of who you are. So if you become aware that the words you use are harmful, change them. Only you hold that power. No one can do it for us. Growth comes from within. ⁣

The words we choose to use also set our intentions. They have the ability to lower or raise our energy vibration. And that affects the energy around us. ⁣

So remember, Words Hold Power.
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