Who Are You Without Materialistic Objects?

Do you spend time with being true to yourself and what you want for yourself? Or are you too focused on following the trend, comparing what you have with those you surround yourself with, or see on tv/social media/ads?

Without the ‘things’ you have in your possession, who are you? What do you truly want for yourself, in your life? So you want people to remember you for the objects you have or for the ‘being’ you are?

Plenty if us live in this bubble where we believe we are defined by what we have, rather than being acknowledged for the being that we are. So let’s take away all the unnecessary objects out of our life. Who are you? Sit with that for a while. Grab a pen and paper and write down two columns. Left side write down all the ‘objects’ you have. On the right side write down who you are as a ‘being’.

This will awaken the awareness within your soul to show you what has more power in your life. 

Awaken To Your Souls Truth. 


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