Where Are You Living? Past, Present or Future.

Many of us will hold onto the worries of our past or worry about what the outcomes of our future may hold.

What about being in the present moment? We seem to forget about how beautiful being in the present may be.

The past is behind us. We have had positive and negative experiences that came with a variety of emotions. These experiences have may been influences to decisions that brought us to this current moment. Worrying about the future may also bring about positive or negative emotions. But the future isn't here yet. So why give so much energy to the past and/or the future?

Focus on THIS present moment. What are you embracing in THIS moment? What do you have to be grateful in THIS moment? Being presents holds so much power that we may have forgotten about. In the present moment we have totally control. We can shift in any direction we desire, in the present moment.

So as each moment passes. Give yourself the space to be present. It's okay to visit the past and the future, just be mindful of the intention you have when visiting there. But also allow yourself to be mindful of the present.
Life may get in the way. Things may happen. Just remember to bring yourself back into the present.

You have the power to choose where you want to be. The present moment may be healing of your past. The present moment may plant the seeds of towards your future. The present moment is where it's at.

Daily Reflection - Do I allow myself to get caught up in the worries of the past and/or future? Or do I allow myself to embrace each passing moment as they come into my existence?
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