Violence in Social Media

I really don’t understand some people.

How do you go on and complain about how much evil is in the world yet post videos on your social media about violence. Some say it’s to show awareness. Like we don’t know there’s violence in the world already.

And then complain “but it shows up on my newsfeed on Facebook so how do I not see the videos”. Ok, just to notify you, if you didn’t know how Facebook brainwashed you, whatever video you open to view notifies Facebook that you were interested in that type of video. So they will put more of that on your newsfeed.

If you want to complain how you are so against violence, stop feeding your mind the curiosity of watching it.

That’s my rant for today. Lol.

I’m focused on guiding others to see a different perception of their reality. There is no right or wrong. I do believe that you shouldn’t complain about something that you keep feeding energy to. It’s simple. Our minds have been programmed quite easily because of technology. Some use it for attention. Some use it for validation. Some use for knowledge. Some use it to impact others. The choice is yours. Just become aware of the power it can have towards your perception of life.

Thoughts in the moment.
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