Trust In God

People will HURT you,
God will HEAL,
People will HUMILIATE you,
God will MAGNIFY you,
People will JUDGE you,
God will JUSTIFY you.
Continue having FAITH.

No matter what is thrown your way, know that you will be able to overcome it.

I never really believed in God earlier on in my life. However, I did believe that their was a higher power out there. For the past couple years, I started to pray more and show more gratitude for everything in my life. By doing so, I noticed I was being blessed with more experiences to help me evolve within.

I believe that God presents situations in our life to test our strength, courage and self-love. We are all on this journey called LIFE. How you perceive your inner world is a reflection of how you view your outer world.

Know that you are being guided by a higher power. I call it God. Some may use the term universe, creator or anything else. The term that you use isn't important. It is knowing that you are being guided throughout your journey. You just need to be aware of the signs, ask for guidance when needed and be grateful for all your experiences, good or bad. For every experience is a tool towards your growth.

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