Surrender and Trust God

God, I surrender my dream of, (fill in the blank) to you. I care deeply about this dream and wish for it, or something better that would serve my highest good, to manifest in my life right now. I thank you ahead of time.

Do you want things in your life and are getting frustrated that they aren't happening the way you want them to?

Are you trying to hard to make them happen how you want?
Are you becoming worried and fearing that they won't happen?
Are you blaming someone or even yourself for the situation that isn't happening?

You probably have answered yes to one, or more, of these questions. This is an indication that it may be time to surrender and put your trust into God, because He is our supplier.

Tell God your dreams and then release them to Him. If it is truly part of your plan, He will make it happen. But also be aware that if what you want doesn't happen the way you want it, it wasn't meant for you. Our experiences are to guide us towards our growth. God knows what He's doing, so trust Him. Stop trying to control the outcome of situations that may not even serve your highest good.
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