Stop People Pleasing

You aren't capable of pleasing everyone, so stop trying to please everyone. Stop doing this with friends, spouses, your children, and colleagues. When you are a people pleaser, this comes from a space of lack. You feel you may not be good enough. Then it leads to not feeling worthy of their love or trust. 

What if these people weren't wanting you to be pleasing them? What if all they want is for you to just do what's best and what makes YOU happy? Doing what makes you happy is succeeding.

And those who genuinely want what's best for you, just want to see you happy. 

When people pleasing, you are actually doing what you think they want from you. You don't even know what their intentions are. So why are you spending so much of YOUR valuable time trying to satisfy what you think is THEIR needs? Do you assume this is what you came in human form for, to please others? This is giving your power away. Then you wonder why you feel so depleted. 

So just do you. Do what makes YOU happy. Do the best you are capable of and keep moving forward. Nothing lasts forever. By doing you, you are actually aligning with your life purpose. Think about how you would feel if you looked at your reflection in the mirror knowing you gave it your best. 

Up until now, you have been trying to please everyone around you, while putting yourself aside. It's time you take your power back and start living life for yourself. Those who truly love and support you will respect that more of you. You are here to experience life for yourself, not others.
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