Say Loving Words To Yourself

The words that you use to describe yourself deeply affect your sense of self-love and self-worth. These include what you think, say, write, and even joke about yourself. 

You're in a caretaker role with regard to yourself. Much like a mother or father raising a baby, you have responsibilities and obligations to your own self. Your self-parenting duties include speaking lovingly and gently to and about yourself, just as you would to your own infant. 

Today use only beautiful terminology to describe yourself. This doesn't mean that you're boastful - you're simply reflecting your Divine nature. When you use beautiful words, you speak the truth. This elevates you to the highest energy possible, where miracles and instant manifestations occur. 

Thought of Today I think of myself in loving terms, and I speak very highly about myself. I value my Divinity and I live up to my true potential. I enjoy the feelings of peace that come from honoring and respecting myself. 
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