Love Someone For How The Make You Feel

The feeling of love is often accompanied by a sense of wonder and amazement. It's as if someone has turned a light on in a room that you didn't even know was dark. Love can be unpredictable and all-consuming, making you feel emotions that you never thought you needed to feel. It's a powerful force that has the ability to awaken parts of ourselves that we didn't know existed. It's not just about the physical attraction or the butterflies in your stomach, but rather the way that person makes you feel completely and unapologetically yourself. You love them because they have opened your heart and mind to a whole new world of emotions that you never knew you needed. Their presence in your life has brought a newfound depth and meaning, making it impossible to imagine life without them. Love someone because they have you feeling things you never thought you needed to feel, and it will be the most incredible journey of your life.
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