Life Experiences

Our life experiences are presented to us with wisdom we need to obtain in order to move forward. Think of it as food for our soul. Some experiences leave a foul taste in our mouth, while other experiences are like a sweet dessert. Either way, these affect our moods, which then affects how we perceive our outer world. 

Don't be caught up in what you've been served. God (or whatever term you use) is the one in control and knows what you need to strengthen you towards your growth. Don't be stuck on trying to understand the "why" these experiences have happened. Sit with it and reflect on what the lesson is that needs to be learned. Whether the experience is perceived as right or wrong, be grateful that you have had an experience. You were given it to elevate you. Otherwise, it wouldn't have happened. 

Today's Reflection - On the experiences I've encountered throughout the day and what where the lessons they have shown me to help me with my evolution as a human being. 
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